Affordable Dental Implants in Vancouver, WA

Your smile is one of your most important accessories, however missing teeth can tarnish your most prized accessory. Missing teeth affects the appearance and overall health of your smile. In the past, missing teeth have been treated by using dental restoration procedures including dentures and bridges. But dental implants offered at New Leaf Dental Care in Vancouver, WA are a wonderful and stable alternative that will give you natural looking results. The denture implants are attached to the jaw bone and replace the roots of the missing teeth, so there is a lower risk for bone loss or shifting teeth. If you are looking to explore restoration options, a Vancouver-based restorative dentist at New Leaf Dental Care can provide exceptional and personalized care. We provide top quality service at an exceptional price. Types of Dental Implants at New Leaf Dental Care Dental implants are comprised of two different components. The actual tooth implant is a post made of titanium that attaches directly to the jaw underneath the gum line. Our dentist places a bridge or crown (which depends on the number of teeth missing) in an area. Here is a more specific look at the difference between single and multiple fake teeth:

• Single tooth – No matter the reason for the loss of a tooth, the single tooth implant is the ideal restoration option because it prevents shifting of the surrounding natural teeth. Single tooth implants us a porcelain crown that covers the base of the implant to match the color and shape of your natural teeth.

• Multiple teeth – If you need to replace multiple missing teeth, artificial teeth as implants can be a suitable and comfortable option. Implant posts can serve as a base for a fixed bridge, and total tooth loss can be treated with the all-on-four implant method. This ensures that just four implants. Treatment Process.

Usually dental implants rarely need replacement because they are as durable and secure as the natural teeth. The treatment process for denture implants is an extensive one. First, X-rays are analyzed to outline the jaw bone and determine proper implant placement. After X-rays, surgery will take place where implants are positioned and the jaw bone bonds with implant. The process may take several months and during this time temporary restorations may be worn to allow you to carry out your everyday routine. Once the implants have fully healed, the dentist will put on the permanent restorations. Schedule your consultation with New Leaf Dental Care in Vancouver, or inquire about treatment options such as cleanings or veneers by giving us a call at (360) 699-5555.